29th April 2016

10 giveaways that you are a Mum

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 21.41.281. You offer to give someone a lift, then experience a sense of panic as you remember the state of the car.

2. On days without the kids, you reach into your bag and pull out snacks, spare pairs of child underwear, handfuls of furry raisins, and several small toy cars.

3. When trying to remember events in the past, the first thing you do is work out the age your child was at the time – and finally, it all clicks into place.

4. You walk out of the house feeling a million dollars – before discovering a sticky handprint / snot smudge down your front and wanting to turn back around.

5. If you were given a whole day to shop until you dropped, you’d return with bags full of clothes, toys and treats for your kids – and very little for yourself.

6.  7am feels like a lie-in.

7. When heading out with your brood, you can risk assess any room, place or space in less than a second.

8. A relaxing bath means sharing the water with floating foam letters, plastic ducks, and miscellaneous squirty toys.

9. You used to look at mums with newborns and think ‘oh look at that tiny baby!” Now you look at them and think ‘that lady just gave birth, kudos to her!”

10. Your first thought when there is a spillage is ‘GRAB THE BABY WIPES!’ – even if you’re nowhere near your kids.